Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More from My Funny Valentines

Ian: (looking in the mirror) "Oh yeah, my style is looking gooooooooood"

Ian: "Mom you drive fast and I'll watch for cops"

Ian: "Oh yeah baby, chocolate...here I come"

Audrey: (disapprovingly) "You call this a REAL dinner"

Audrey: "I wasn't meaning to whine it just comes naturally"

Ian: "Mom if you see a woodpecker gun it"

Audrey: "Do you know what the best best best best Christmas present is......being with your family"

Audrey: "The most important thing to remember is NEVER to use the word handsome with me...I am not a boy and I don't do boy things"

Ian: What's that measuring thing?
Mom: It's a ruler.
Ian: What's a ruler?
Mom: REALLY???

Audrey: Mom you make the BEST pancakes!
Ian: They're not made they're bought...right mom.
Mom: Right Ian
Audrey: Well, you cook the best pancakes then!

Ian: Ooooo, I love this song...my Mommy used to sing it to me when I was a little baby
Mom: Who your OTHER Mommy? (knowing that I had not sung it)
Ian: Yeah
Mom: Okay then