Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Conversations with my Little Peeps

Fruity Pops:

Audrey: If I had to choose a fruit that reminds me of Dad guess what it would be?
Me: I am afraid to guess
A: Mango
Me: Really? Why? (really, when will I learn to NOT ask this question)
A: Because mangos are kind of spicy.
Me: So Dad is spicy? (again, just stop while you're ahead already)
A: Well, no, but Dad is bad
Me: Dad is not a bad person he's a good guy.
A: You must not be talking about the same Dad who was swearing, yelling, and using "the finger" in traffic.
Me: Okay, I guess Dad is a mango. 


Testing out patio furniture:

Ian: I really like this. We could put this out on our Paris.
Me: yes, we could turn our outside into Paris. I like that idea.
Ian: No, we can put this ON our Paris.
Me: You mean terrace?
All: LOL


Mother's Day 2013 Card from Audrey:

Mother's Day Booklet from Audrey. Last page~ My Favorite Experience With My Mom:

"My mom is always there for me when I need her and need to find my courage."

And that my friends is all I will ever need to remember! *sniff*


True Love:

Working on Audrey's Valentine's with her...

Me: If you wanted to marry "N" you could cuz he's a cutie
Audrey: No he's really smart
Me: Even better
Audrey: I'm going to marry "T"
Me: Oh is he really smart too?
Audrey: (with huge eyes and a grin) OH NO HE'S BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!! 


Mom: Audrey, did you give "N" a kiss for Valentine's Day?
Audrey: MOM!! Noooo!! But I wouldn't mind!
Mom: But only on the cheek right?
Audrey: Oh yeah, never on the lips because that is disgusting
Mom: Phew!

Ian: Mom you CANNOT come in for career day as a Stay At Home Mom!
Audrey: Especially in those pants because they are so 2 years ago! 


Ian upon entering the house last night after Cliff took him to urgent care: Ahhhh, my favorite music (I was playing Christmas music).
Ian: Daddy wouldn't let me listen to Christmas music in the car
Me: Well, did you ask him?
Ian: Yes, but he said no.
Me to Dad: Why didn't you let Ian listen to Christmas music when he asked you, you are so mean.
Cliff: He never asked me.
Me: Ian Michael...what's this I hear?
Ian: Laughing so hard he cannot stand himself!

I should mention my son LOVES any chance he can take to get Daddy in trouble!


Ian air guitars on his knees across the kitchen floor:

Audrey: IAN!!! OH, are you okay?
Ian: Yeah, I slid across the floor and scraped my knee.
Audrey: Well, don't do that!
Me: Ian what kind of chips do you want with your sandwich?
Ian: Potato

That boy gives me so many epic face-palm moments!!

Ian: HuuuuuuuH!?!?


Prison Camp:

Audrey:  Tomorrow is the day the world ends
Ian:  Yeah, tomorrow we meet our death

Oh for cry eye, drama queens it's DAY CAMP not Concentration Camp!


Ian while brushing his teeth:  I'm going to need a bucket of water

Ian upon learning the truth about Santa:  Soooo...he's not really watching?  (he said that with a sparkle of mischief in his eye)

This is my experiment gone wrong ~~Ian almost 8 years old
& Later:
This is what you call making it happen

You can never have too much sparkle ~~Audrey 10 years old

This is more awesome than awesome ~~Audrey 10 years old


As of Sunday, March 30, 2014

Stay tuned for what they'll come up with next...

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