Monday, March 8, 2010

Kid Quotes II

"I don't want to grow up, I want to stay this tall". ~Ian November 2009

"I'm so gravitated"! ~Audrey trying to express how AGGRIVATED she was 2009

"Ya know mom different makes difference" ~Ian March 2010

"Because fancy is just too fashionable don't ya think" ~Audrey March 2010

"Mmmmm, I sure do love the smell of that stinky garbage" ~My little stinker March '10

"Don't do that anymore it's starting to hurt my brains" ~Ian 4yrs upon listening to mom quote "Mr. Brown Can Moo". (note he said brainS as if he has multiples, LOL)

"Spring break is my favorite thing to do in the Spring" ~Audrey 6yrs Spring 2010 (Mom & Dad hope that when she's 18 this is her LEAST FAVORITE thing to do)

"I'm always ready for a birthday party" ~Audrey March 2010 (Mom & Dad are seeing a party trend in her future...time to put her in the tower)

Mom: "Ian do you want to wear shorts so you are cooler"? Ian: "No, see my pants have a hole in them so the fresh air can come in and keep me cool that way" ~March 2010

"WOAH!, I'm gonna have to work on that trick"! ~Ian our resident stunt man 2010

"Ugh, there is bless you everywhere" ~Ian in response to his sneeze while trying to eat a mouthful of hummus (you can imagine) April 2010

An Exasperated Worn Out Mommy: "Ian I just can't win with you", Ian: "I know 'cause I'm too fast" ~Nothing like taking everything literally. (: April 2010

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