Friday, November 6, 2009

25 Things About Me

This went around facebook for awhile...why not put it here too!

In no particular order...

1. My middle name is Sue after my cousin Melissa.

2. I have 2 beautfiul (yet challenging) children.

3. I love my husband so much my heart hurts only I don't think he knows this about me.

4. I kissed Benjamin in the 1st grade even after he said he'd break up with me if I did...I've been a rebel since.

5. I like to dream...not big goal-dreaming but at night when I sleep...I love it!

6. I've been hot air ballooning and would like the chance to go again.

7. Yes, my REAL maiden name is's French for Courtemanche and the literal translation means "sleeves of short".

8. I smoked when I was a teenager and am now disgusted by that and would never touch it again!

9. I've had 3 unexplained "paranormal" experiences and it bothers me that my husband doesn't believe that!

10. I whole-heartedly believe that I was visited by my Father, Mother, and Brother (each one seperate) after they died. I don't believe it was "just a dream" and I'm thankful for the experience.

11. Claymation or computer-like-claymation figures make me nauseous. They really do.

12. I cannot curl my tounge and watching others do it creeps me out.

13. I a survivor sibling of suicide.

14. I have 6 brothers and 2 sisters...I'm number 8 on the Shortsleeve Totem Pole.

15. I think I'm a good mom but would like to be a great mom.

16. I finally after 10 years of marriage made a good meatloaf for my husband.

17. I hope to visit Italy at least once in my life.

18. I don't have the strength & courage that other people think I come by naturally.

19. My favorite song is "At Last"

20. When I listen to classical music I envision myself ice scating flawlessly...and if you saw me on ice skates you'd realize why this is JUST a vision.

21. Old people make me cry.

22. I don't like blue flowers I think they are freaks of nature.

23. I don't clean behind things, I don't clean baseboards, and dust doesn't bother me.

24. My daughter is named after Audrey Hepburn.

25. I regret not doing better in school, I regret not pursuing more college, and I wish I had had more inspiration to do so...but that isn't stopping me from planning to go after more & do better!

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