Friday, November 6, 2009

My kids' funny quotes part I

"You be the ocean and I'll be the sun of the beach"--my 4yr old daughter.

"Princesses don't wear underwear"--my 4yr old daughter.

"He's being a naughty little boy and he always does everything that naughty boys do"--again, the 4yr old in da house.

"I'm the bestest ever"--Audrey Age 4.

"Mmmm, the leaves smell very colorful" --Audrey full of wonder, Age 4.

"Mommy has enough love for two of us and that makes sense; you always have to share your friends"--Audrey Age 4 to her little brother, Age 2.

"Yup, I inpossible"--my little bear, Ian.

"I'm sorry for losing my attitude"--Audrey.

"When I was a little baby I didn't know how to do this and now that I'm 4 years old I still don't get it"--Guess Who!

"Don't worry about me, Mom, I have a plan"--Our almost 5yr old

"Ya know, I *AM* one of a kind"--Audrey.

"Shy means when you are allergic to strangers"--Audrey

"Mom, you are going to be so excited I am so proud of what I learned...I just learned to pee outside in the grass"--Audrey age 5

"I wish I could be a mouse so I could poop in the recycling bin"--Ian age 3 1/2

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