Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Confessions of an Anti-Cleaver

June 14, 2011

Today is a very special day for my son...he gets to wear the shorts he slept in last night all day today! These are the same shorts he wore all day yesterday, running errands with me, and to school. He is very excited to wear them again, he thinks this is a special treat and he thinks it makes me a very cool mom. That's the kind of mom I am...COOL! I'm also the kind of mom who hasn't had time to make sure he has clean shorts. I'm quite the slacker mom, the Anti-Cleaver.

Judge all you want, after all do your kids think you are cool or are you making them put on clean, nicely folded, starched, and ironed shorts? Hmmmm? Back your bus up June...I'm making him put on clean underwear!

As long as I am confessing I'll take the time to admit my other Anti-Cleaver-Flaws:

1. I have "cleaned" the bathroom with a wet-wipe.
2. I have not mopped my kitchen floor since March.
3. I see the cobwebs above my kitchen cabinets and think "sweet, I don't have to display fake ivy greens"
4. My kids sometimes get poptarts for dinner.

There are more...many more but that gives you a little insight.
Most moms would never admit their slacker qualities. I treasure mine. I think my ability to be relaxed and imperfect comes through in my kids. I've taught them a great lesson in enjoying what really matters and to "stop and smell the flowers". And, if you're going to be playing in a field of flowers why put on your fresh shorts!

I'm not just lazy (and cool)...I don't want my kids to grow up and their memories be that they had the cleanest house on the block, that their laundry always smelled of fresh linen & sunshine, that being organized was the only way to have order. I can still remember the pine-sol smell on our floors after my own mother spent all day cleaning. I can also remember that my own mother didn't spend time playing with us, smelling the flowers with us, or letting us wear 2 day old clothes as a treat. I want my kids to remember the things that mattered...the "treats".

So I will continue to be the Anti-Cleaver and I'll be proud of it. And maybe if they are lucky I'll do laundry today!

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