Wednesday, June 1, 2011

That Bitch

My Aunt- the short one, the most favorite, the go to for anything, the diplomat, the beautiful one, the best- has cancer. That Bitch!!! The cancer - not my Aunt! That Bitch (again, the cancer not my Aunt) has taken 3 of my loved ones and is about to take another. I hate That Bitch!

Cancer sucks! Cancer is a bitch. Again, I hate That Bitch! I have never known anyone who didn't think cancer was a bitch. Oh sure there are positive people who take what cancer has done to them and their loved ones and enriched their lives or made great changes towards a better future. There are those who do not wallow in the sadness & despair that cancer brings to their lives. I'm not one of those least not yet. As of yet I am the one who takes their anger towards cancer out on those around me, I curse the disease, I feed my despair with more anger and pity and I'm miserable. I want it to go away. All of the cancer around me has turned me into That Bitch. I don't want to be That Bitch. I want to beat That Bitch's ass. I want to beat it out of my Aunt. Hell, sometimes I want to beat my Aunt for getting cancer. But, she's shorter than me and that just wouldn't be a fair showdown!

Until we do beat her ass (the cancer not my...well, you get it by now) we support the cuases, we rally in our pink ribbons, our yellow wrist bands, our Relay for Life tees. We support the loved ones who have to deal with That Bitch, we race for a cure, we donate our time and our money...

We try with all our might to beat her ass...someday That Bitch is going down!

note: This entry is dedicated to my Aunt Nancy L. Bourgeois who is fighting the fight of her life, who is loved by many, and who has loved many including me with all of her heart! I love you Aunt Nasty!

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