Thursday, June 2, 2011

Spiritual Craving

My spirit is broken. Well, maybe broken is too strong of a word because I have always told myself I'd never let it be broken. Maybe it's cracked or maybe it is just craving. They (who are they by the way) say that if you close your eyes and imagine a serene setting you'll lower your blood pressure, if you just smell chocolate & coffee you'll be satisfied. Pretty sure the latter is a big fat lie.
So maybe...if I feed my spirit with pictures, memories, and serene settings I'll be renewed. A little single-girls vacation is the next step if this doesn't work!

So here are the little things...the little things that matter to me and maybe they won't matter to you. But take a moment and give your spirit what it's craving:

~~imagining the smell of the body wash & shampoo wafting in the steam when my husband is getting ready for work in the morning.

~~listening to the voices (of my children) in my head as they giggle.

~~remembering Saturday night pizza making with my Mom.

~~remembering the taste & texture of Sunday morning pizza eating for breakfast. Nothing was better than Mom's cold-pizza. Yep, she knew how to prepare us for the single life. (:

~~feeling the grass on my bare arms and legs as a kid as we rolled down our big hill.

~~seeing the light bulb come on when a kid that I mentor "get's it".

~~ginormous spider monkey hugs from my little bear.

~~Good Night Moon.

~~thinking about how much time I wasted "hating" my little brother when we were growing up and loving how we've become the best of friends!

~~looking in the mirror and not being TOTALLY happy with what I see but TOTALLY happy with who I am!

Those are just a few of my favorite things and I feel better already! I think I need to feed my spiritual cravings more often. It feels good, my blood pressure is lower, and now I'm going to pour another cup of coffee and maybe have a little chocolate. The smell alone just won't cut it!

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