Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day 3/30 "Starting Running SUCKS"

September 27, 2012 Day 3

I have a new phrase to describe my 30-Day Running Challenge:  Suckity-Suck-Suckiest-Sucker or "Running Sucks".

As soon as my feet hit the pavement this morning negativity set in.  I blame it on the humidity.  I don't do humid.  I live in Southern Maryland and I don't do humid.  I was all choked up before I could even get into a rhythm.  My ability to run for 10 minutes was quickly squashed and today's pathetic jogging was mostly walking.  It wasn't even brisk walking.  I hated every step!  I dropped the *F* bomb to anything and everything moving around me.  Oh, look they have a *F* ing car, they don't need to run, they can *F* ing drive.  To those who waved I made sure my middle finger was sticking out more than the rest in my wave back.  I did a whole lot of bitching, whining, and swearing this morning.

Run for 5, Walk for 5, Run for 2, Walk for 5, Run for 1, Walk for 10.  I felt like today was 2 pathetic jogging steps forward and 40 back.  If one were to put a positive spin on this I actually did have a rhythm, and doing intervals is a great exercise tool for cardio.  I am, after all, only on day 3 so this is progress.  If one WERE to put a positive spin on this.  Today I am not going to put a positive spin on it.  My muscles ache (yes, I *F* ing stretched), my mind is trying to organize a to do list (apparently I am not good at being a runner and domestic diva), and I just don't wanna today!  It's too soon for a day of rest, I think so I will just bitch and swear my way through this...actually 30 minutes of swearing when no one is around is kind of therapeutic

Tomorrow is a new day, a chance to not suck...but for today I will chant: "Running Sucks...It really *F* ing Sucks"!!!!

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